Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Serious in Singapore - T. Friedman

1 bài viết về Singapore của Friedman. Như thông thường, Friedman kể chuyện hấp dẫn và paint bức tranh mà ông thích với màu chủ đạo là màu hồng.

The country’s economy grew last year at 14.7 percent, led by biomedical exports. How?

If Singapore has one thing to teach America, it is about taking governing seriously, relentlessly asking: What world are we living in and how do we adapt to thrive.

It subsidizes homeownership and education to give everyone a foundation to become self-reliant.

Singapore copied the German model that strives to put everyone who graduates from high school on a track for higher education, but only about 40 percent go to universities.

Bình luận: Singpore does have its problem.

And it may be serious.

Bài học khi đọc Friedman, tin vào màu hồng nhưng đừng quên đi mảng tối. Màu hồng=potential rewards, mảng tối=potential risks.

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