Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Giáo dục Anh-Mỹ

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The University Debate: What the Ivy League can teach Britain

Consider higher education within the developed world. The best universities in the West are in the USA. The worst are in continental Europe. But Europe is no poorer than the US. :)) Cái câu cuối thì chưa chắc. Cần phải tính truly disposable income.

The universities of continental Europe do not charge significant fees, but too many of them are appalling, being characterised by vast class sizes, vast impersonal lecture halls and vast drop-out rates. => Đúng cho lớp tui dạy, nhưng so với lớp tui dạy ở VN thì lớp UK đã đỡ hơn nhiều.

In America it is normal for individual students to have personal tutors to mentor them: on the continent of Europe it is normal for students to flounder as anonymous units within anonymous degree factories. => Hổng biết, ai ở US confirm giúp với!

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