Tuesday, 9 August 2011

UK's riots

From London's riots to UK's riots

Excellent point of view by David Lawrence: The Tottenham riot makes me embarrassed to live here

Mark Duggan: profile of Tottenham police shooting victim

Youth, the bad?

After reports that some rioters were as young as nine, police called on parents to keep their children at home. Chief Constable Chris Sims of West Midlands police said some were “astonishingly young”.

Paul Tilsley, deputy leader of Birmingham city council, told the BBC that about 200 youths in two groups had been involved. He warned those whose children brought stolen goods home that they were accessories to crime.

In Toxteth, Liverpool, many youth and community centres closed and shops shut early. Police warned late on Tuesday night that there were signs of unrest in Toxteth, on the edge of the city centre, and on the Smithdown Road.

Youth, the troubled

Who are the rioters? Young men from poor areas ... but that's not the full story

UK riots: don't deal with them in the way Greece did

The UK riots: the psychology of looting

England riots: Latest global reaction

The competing arguments used to explain the riots

Bạo loạn ở Anh, vì sao xảy ra?

Bạo loạn London: Sao nhiều người thành kẻ cướp?

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