Wednesday, 22 April 2009

US Banks and UK pound

Geithner Says Banks May Convert Shares, Seek Private Investment

=> right the game is clear.

Transparency pledge in bank stress tests

Stress tests deepen headache for Obama

Jobless put new slant on stress tests

US puts conditions on TARP payments

Such a move could also allow healthier institutions to differentiate themselves from weaker banks and free them from constraints on executive pay, and other activities, that come with bail-out money.

Wall St fears grow over stress test results

Bank tests we should get stressed about

The game is clear? - Boom, get it, most banks will survive ...

No, not yet, analysts disagree ...


Ok, happy now

Hậu stress test

Darling Forecasts Worst Recession in U.K. Since World War II

Pound, Gilts Fall Before Darling Unveils Budget; Stocks Rise

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