Friday, 13 January 2012

Hy Lạp lại bị ép bán đảo

Đức hối thúc Hy Lạp bán các đảo để trả nợ

Không biết nếu dọa rút khỏi Eurozone thì có phải không bán đảo hay không?

From the Euro crisis live:

If that deal cannot be agreed, then Greece will not get its next aid tranche (Angela Merkel made that very clear on Monday). Without that money, Greece cannot repay €14bn of debt which mature in March.

The chances of Greece defaulting, in a disorderly manner, have just risen significantly.

Lagarde will be in Paris on Wednesday to meet French president Nicolas Sarkozy, amid reports that the IMF is losing patience with Athens. The Greek government is being urged to crack down on tax avoidance, sell off state assets and implement a series of economic reforms before it can receive the new rescue loan.

Greece races to tie up writedown deal before debt repayments fall due

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