Friday, 9 December 2011

Why gold is down when everything turns worse?

Market Nuggets: HSBC: Gold Weighed Down By Lending From Institutions Looking To Raise Dollars

Not this way of explaining Giá vàng lao dốc xuống sát 1.700 USD

Market Nuggets: Gold’s Price Fall Reflect Dollar, Global Economic Outlook – Sharps Pixley

Giá trị tài sản SPDR 'bốc hơi' gần 3 tỷ USD sau một đêm

Based on technical charts, gold could see further selling and in the short-term there’s the possibility of prices falling under $1,500 an ounce, says Commerzbank.

Weakness of that magnitude would likely be driven by investors in the futures market, they add. Friday’s CFTC data should show the beginning of speculators reducing their net long positions. “That said, investors with a medium- and long-term view are remaining loyal to gold, and gold ETFs are still showing no outflows. In our view, bargain hunters are soon likely to take advantage of the low price levels,” the bank says.


Update: Giá trị tài sản SPDR 'bốc hơi' gần 3 tỷ USD sau một đêm

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